Dedicated servers

W3solutions offers servers in different locations to provide a truly scalable adaptive environment for our customers.
Having multiple locations provides your business with the ability to grow globally. Our servers are located in Chicago, Maryland, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington DC.
We are also able to cater UK based servers on a yearly contract.

All our servers are built on high end equipemnt including Microtrend boards, most latest multiple core Intel CPU’s, ECC DDR3 ram, SCCI, Raptor or SSD drives, RAID 1,5,10 setups with hardware RAID cards. Infact any configuration you require can be arranged and setup for you within 72 hours.
We offer managed and unmanaged servers for all linux flavours and Windows 2003/2008.

Please contact us along with your dedicated server requirements to try us out.

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Server Requirements